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Mr. Scott Stringer Has AAACC's Support!

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

From Right: David Tam (Treasurer), Howard Ng (Director of Technology), Ken Lee (Chief Operations Manager), Louis Hernandez (Court Marshall), Elvis Lee (Elvis Presley Emulator), Michael Leung (President), Charles De Stefano (Attorney at Law), Sue Ann Jung (Vice Chairman), Victoria Yang (Secretary), Linda

We had a great dinner at the Good Fortune Restaurant at Kissena Blvd with three of our friends, Elvis Lee, our special guest and an Elvis Presley Emulator, he is considered the best Elvis Emulator in the world, we are partnering with him to bring his shows from Las Vegas to China. The main guests of the dinner are Louis Hernandez and Charles De Stefano. We had this dinner with them to show our complete support for Mr. Scott Stringer, NYC Comptroller, for the Mayor of NYC 2020.

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